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Sen. McCaskill Sides With Big Labor Bosses Over Missouri Workers

Senator Endorses President Obama’s Job-Killing Ambush Elections

Jefferson City, MO – U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill today voted against a resolution to effectively nullify a recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that will allow union bosses to pursue unfair ambush elections.  The vote occurred on a joint resolution of disapproval sponsored by Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming that would overturn the NLRB ruling, and hold President Obama and his labor board to account.  

“This was a vote against the small business owners in Missouri and for this administration’s payback to big labor bosses,” said Brad Jones, NFIB State Director in Missouri. “Senator McCaskill has shown who she stands with when it comes to ambush elections.”

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) allows the Congress to introduce a joint resolution of disapproval with the full force of law to stop a federal agency from implementing a recent rule or regulation.  A resolution of disapproval introduced under the CRA cannot be filibustered and needs only a simple majority in both legislative bodies and the president’s signature, and must be acted upon during a 60-day window.  The NLRB rule concerning reckless ambush elections is now slated to go into effect on April 30th.

“This is another roadblock for Missouri’s job creators,” said Jason Klindt, state director of the Coalition to Protect Missouri Jobs (CPMOJ).  “Our coalition asked every candidate seeking federal office to tell the voters of our state where they stood on important workplace issues, particularly unfair ambush elections.  Senator McCaskill’s vote today shows why she refused to respond to our questionnaire.  Her support for policies promoted by Washington, D.C. union bosses that hurt Missouri employees and employers is deeply troubling.  Our coalition will ensure that voters are properly educated on her stances and her support for President Obama’s out-of-control, job-killing labor board.”

Various candidates from across Missouri stood against unfair ambush elections. All candidates questionnaires can be found here.