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About Us

The Coalition to Project Missouri Jobs is a project of the Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI).

WFI is an organization committed to educating voters, employers, employees, and citizens about issues affecting the workplace.

WFI is funded by and advocates on behalf of business owners who enjoy good working relationships with their employees and would like to maintain those good relationships without the unfair interference of government bureaucrats, union organizers, and special interests. These employers recognize that if you treat your employees with fairness, respect, and dignity, you will have a stable workforce and a profitable company. WFI does not represent any one business or industry.

The goal of WFI is to educate the public on issues related to workforce fairness, and to build greater public awareness of efforts that interfere with the good employer/employee relationships that most businesses enjoy. WFI will inform employees and employers about issues, pending legislation, and regulations that could upset the balance within their workplace and will educate them about how to take action to prevent it.

WFI is not anti-union. We believe that employees have the right to organize if they believe that it would improve their work life. We strongly believe in fair workplace elections, where both sides have the ability to share information and educate employees. Most importantly, we believe that employees must be permitted to cast their vote in private and free from any intimidation or coercion, and have a voice in contract negotiations affecting their pay, benefits, and workplace conditions.

The Coalition to Project Missouri Jobs is committed to preserving freedoms and expanding choices for workers and employers. We are committed to educating voters, business owners, employees, and citizens about the threats posed by an agenda advanced in Washington, D.C., that hurts our nation’s ability to protect workers and create jobs.

Our elected officials and those seeking to represent us in Congress need to take a stand against:

  • Privacy Invasion – This would authorize union organizers to obtain, use, and even exploit workers’ personal contact information, like their home phone number, email address, and even home address, during and after workplace elections.
  • Micro-Unions – The NLRB has authorized small collective bargaining units with as few as two people to be formed in workplaces, which would increase costs and burdens on employers during a difficult economic environment.
  • Ambush Elections – Some labor bosses are advocating for elections in as few as 7 to 10 days, which would prevent workers from making an informed choice, make a mockery of the secret ballot, and leave business owners struggling to get access to the resources they need to tell their side of the story.